canon Rebel XT

leftdown, upright

I’m still constructing the site. I guess I could have waited until I was done customizing the theme before I switched to the new version, but I didn’t feel like waiting.


3 thoughts on “leftdown, upright

  1. I says:

    One suggestion I have is to lose the search box and navigation on the left hand side of the page. There’s nearly identical links already at the top, and it causes an unnecessary need for me to scroll side to side to view your photos, which should really be the main focus of the page. I’ve always been fond of clean and functional sites ;-)

    I know, I’ve been terrible about photoblogging lately. I’ll be back… Don’t give up on me quite yet.

    — I

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I was planning on trashing that stuff, but I haven’t gotten to it yet because of some tasks at work that are eating up my free-time. Hang in there…

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