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i recently joined John from photoentropy for a photoshoot around the city. John’s film photography was a major impetus for me to dive into the world of film and medium format. after this particular photoshoot, i got home and realized, i didn’t touch my dslr the entire time.

this shot and some of the following were from that shoot. i still have 3 rolls to develop, so more may follow.


  1. Trevor

    Just last week I took out my Yashica Mat 124G for the first time in a few years. Dropped off 5 rolls for processing and can’t wait to pick them up. Film has such a different look than digital.

  2. John

    Likewise, you got me interested in Medium Format photography again, so thanks for that. This shot looks great with the grain.

  3. Devyn

    Nicely shot Vallen… Always love the canyon…
    My curiosity in film is being piqued as well…