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9-16-6 ~ Ickes Homes


  1. chiquita dorsey

    ok im 13 years old in i use to live there and yall think yall know whats going on down here when yall really dont

  2. Chiquita Dorsey B.K.A MZ.TINY

    many people had died down here and many fights broke out yea im young and i am respectful but yall always saying wow i kno what yall been threw but yall dont some of us lost love ones some of us witness death brfore im from 24 none as the dubb it was a major drug bust there but thats how people live and yall cant change that so dont say yall know whats going on yall dont know whats going on

  3. yanshon

    i live down here rite now

  4. whiteboy

    I live here right now and i got no problems guys keep the slanging an banging to themselves and i carry my glock. we all get along and i don’t know why chicago has to go fuck something up that does what its supposed to…